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All beef aged minimum of 21 days.
AAA and AA grade steaks cut fresh daily. Ground beef prepared fresh every morning.



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Jerkys (packaged and sticks)
Fresh and Smoked Sausages
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Cured products: Ham and Bacon

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Some New Additions to Hirsche Meats...

Corn Beef

Old fashion style corn beef, made using the tradtional cut of meat and tradtional blend of spices. Wet cured and slow smoked to produce a ready to eat sandwich product, or as an ingredient in your favorite corn beef and hash recipe. Available pre-shaved or as whole pieces.

Smoked Beef Loin

Cured Slow smoked beef loin is our answer to Montreal Smoked Beef. Fully cooked and great for sandwichs.. Rosemary and garlic flavored.

Beef Ham

There are some people that like the taste of ham, but find it a little too fatty. There are also those that are unable to eat regular pork ham due to special diets, or for religious reasons. We offer an alternative to tradational pork ham. Beef Ham is cured and processed the same as pork ham, except it is beef. It is a ready to eat product which means it is great for sandwichs, or to be warmed up for a Sunday Dinner. Lighty peppered, it has a ham flavor with a new kick.

Pepperoni Snappers

A slight variation from the other pepperoni sticks that we offer, the Snapper is a beef and pork mixture as the others are all beef. The snapper is cooked a little longer giving it a dryer texture, and is not made using a premix. Not as spicy as our hot pepperoni stix, but has a little more kick than our mild, the Snapper is just right!

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